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The fun has begun! watch me slide my clothes off article by article as I seductively tell you what would happen if you were to be in the room with me. Just imagine it. Me in my pink panties and pink stripper heels…nothing else on. A bottle of wine to loosen the both of us up and the party until the sun comes up! Watch me masturbate with nothing on but my heels and enjoy! I think this shoot so far is my absolute favorite! I don’t know what about these photos that drive me nuts in love. I think it has to be the combination of my black hair and dark skin along with the bright colors of my sheer cover-up and the water fountain in the back. The contrasting colors and the exotic look of the location make these pictures look all artsy. I’m assuming that ya’ll have taken note on my very curvy and womanly body, I do not have the typical porn star body- big fake boobs, swizzle stick skinny, and I’m definitely not a blonde. In this video I prance around the water fountain, play with the water, flirt with my cover-up and eventually relax by lying down on the seat of the fountain. I masturbate with my fingers actually penetrating into my “vajayjay” and soak my cover-up with squirting juices. [haha] This video is actually pretty funny because of something that happens mid-masturbation. I don’t know if the “mishap” is edited out, which I hope it really will be, but I can go head and tell you, my reaction is priceless!

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