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I started off in a little playground with swings and jungle gym equipment. When we first arrived at the location I was ecstatic to see we were shooting in a playground…I love swings! When I was a little girl and my class would have our daily recess, the swings were the first things I would run to. At the time, swinging was a huge test to my fears of heights, I could get up pretty darn high back in the day when I weighed only thirty pounds as a little kindergartener! This video starts off in the infamous little playground and I slowly make my way to the back of the grassy picnic area, an area where I thought no one could see me from the streets or houses…key word: thought. Little did I know that painters painting a nearby house were totally “hawking” me! In the video, I believe you can see one painter almost falling off his ladder as he is trying to see around and through the tree I was leaning on during my masturbation scene. It was hilarious! These pictures were taken on the top of the three story town home that has roof access. It has a great view of all my city, of which will remain unnamed, but ya’ll will eventually pick up on where I live! I was actually going to dinner after this photo shoot and wore this exact same outfit. I love, love, love this black sweater dress. I have been told that it looks slimming on me, especially since its black, and I love how it is so form fitting and body hugging. I get completely naked on my rooftop! On the way down or up to the roof top access there is a beautiful iron spiral staircase where I decide to rip off my dress and continue onto a quick breast massage. It was absolutely freezing outside, hence the sweater dress, so if you see my nipples looking like “little brains” don’t be scared, my nipples are jus trying to hide because they are freezing! Haha!

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