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I am originally from Houston, Texas so this photo shoot made me feel somewhat at home! [haha] We were in the “mountains”, or as much of a mountain it can get here out in the desert, at a little desolate ranch. You’ll notice it really is a house that was once abandoned and makes the location perfect for a classic western style photo shoot with the right outfit! Some of my favorite shots are those with me completely “nakey” sporting only my killer cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat! Yeehaw! This is the first time I have ever done anything truly out in the public eye! Usually when I’m shooting a video I am in a public place, however, it is during times of the week when no one is expected. For this video update I actually went to a local bar, the Saddle Ranch, where they hold “Bull Riding” contests! In the end I didn’t win, but I sure did come in close, I came in second and lost to a girl that I think was a truebull rider back in her day, I was cheated! I am not the type of person to go hiking or mountain climbing, but once I heard that “South Mountain” was a mountain that overlooked the city, I had to see what exactly they were talking about. When we went we totally arrived at the wrong time when the sun was far too hot andtourists were like ants, all over the place! On the other hand, the view was beautiful, and if you go just at the right time when the sun is setting, it is absolutely breathe taking. I climbed down a little ways to get away from all the tourists and “curious eyes” when I stripped down to nothing but my tennis shoes. I actually even fell asleep for five or ten minutes when I was completely butt naked chilling on the rocks! [haha] You will also notice that halfway through filming while I was tracking further down the rocks, I nearly stepped on a snake! Not just any snake either, it was a huge rattle snake! I seriously almost got bit and could have died, and we caught it all on tape for you!

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