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Welcome to my page! My name is Alexa Loren and I am half Spanish, half Egyptian. Please feel free to examine every part of my body for it is for your eyes only! I introduce myself and tell you a little about me, Alexa, as I get you to become familiar with my body and the parts of me that make me feel good, my girl treasures! I am taking pictures at one of the shooting houses. A simple black dress with black heels along with my dark skin and black hair sounds like a lot of black, however black will never fade out, its endless and a classic color! Take a closer at me for this is my first update of a solo masturbation…check out my video and tell me what you think! During my first solo masturbation video I was an emotional wreck! I walked into the shooting house’s master bedroom where a bed and couch where. I knew my work would start right there, and I would not be alone. I was so nervous and shy about masturbating not only in front of one person, the photographer, but also in front of two other people in the room watching me! I was so nervous and distracted by everyone around me it took me almost twenty minutes to reach my peak of masturbation and orgasm…long time I know! Every single update I do, I am encouraged to wear bright colors or exotic patterns. I am trying to play up my exotic look, so this update I am wearing a strapless bright, and I mean bright, yellow flowy dress that looks absolutely beautiful and playful with the green bamboo background. I didn’t think there would be bamboo growing anywhere near or around the state I live in, I think it was artificially placed here, but either way it looked great in photos, fake or not! My first breast massage takes place on this location. I play, jiggle, massage, swing around my boobs for a good long time. I got so into it I didn’t notice that a security guard was watching me play with myself from across the street! I totally thought that the bamboo forest disguised me, but as we were leaving and drove back past the spot I was in, it hit me that everyone from every direction could see everything I was doing! Sometimes a girl just wants some privacy to play with her boobs fellows!

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